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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anthropologie Eye Candy

On a random Monday in February I had the most extraordinary day.
My sister invited me, along with two of her friends, to a shopping trip near Philadelphia. It's probably thirty minutes from Philly, but that's the closest big city.

Our first stop was to a store called Antropologie. It was I've heard of this store from many of my friends, but had never been there myself. THIS is what greeted us as we walked in the massive 15 foot doors.

made of zippers and some sort of heavy paper! CrEaTiViTy AbOuNdS in this place and I was totally in my element taking it all in! A wonderful mix of vintage, eclectic, ruffles, steel and beauty!

the jewelry display was inspiring.
I'd like to somehow create this for my own beads & baubles.
The kitchen displays

They write your name on the dressing room door when you try things on.
loves it.

the details on this apron were GREAT.
I'd like to reproduce it, (but alas I do not sew).

and this one too.
My purchase of the day~~a flower rimmed hat with a darling bow in the back. I don't have a close-up picture of it yet, but it will probably make many appearance for the next several years in various pictures. It's versatile, (my favorite type of investments). Beach~Garden~Date night~Bad hair day~Easter~Weddings~just because.

I tried to be all "Anthro" looking when I dressed that day:
purple dress*tall boots*yellow bag*dangly bracelet.

THE creative, unique, lovely displays~~eye candy!
If there weren't people around I would have totally played "pretend house" here.
I really wanted to.

SERIOUSLY? Doily headboard? LOVE!

This next picture is from Pottery Barn~I liked everything about this shot.
Summer entertaining at it's best.

Of all the things you wear,
your expression
is the most important.

~Janet Lane~


consume me... said...

Anthropologie=my favorite place ever

I want to work there so I can play all day!

Michelle said...

Oh be still my beating heart. I LOVE Anthropologie more than I should. Really.

Glo said...

This was the Glenn Mills store right? next time head across the hwy to terrain which is a garden shop run by the same company.

Missy. said...

i know i don't know you, but maybe you could take me along next time. ;) i would love to go there sometime...and the doily headboard def rocks! missy king.

Ang Stoltzfus said...

love that place! i can't believe you were never there before....that place *screams* your name!
it is conveinantly close to market, so i sneak in every now & then!

clarita said...

I LOVE that store too! Just soo creative and eclectic and surprising and FUN!! I could spend our life savings in there and MORE - but almost every time Ben has been with me, so that is very much of a money-in-the-pocket type of shopping trip when he's with me. :))

Thanks for the eye candy! Always love seeing pictures from that store! Not only are their things so awesome in themselves, but their displays are just way awesome! Just about as fun as it comes!

Aimee said...


I've never actually bought anything there (the thriftyness in me just doesn't allow it!), but I leave with a total creative high! And I'm usually slightly depressed that I can't buy every single item in the store. Because I would like to. Every.Single.Item.