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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today my little boy turns FOUR!

This is what greeted him when he woke up this morning and came down the stairs in his "zippy nightie", all squinty eyed from a goods night sleep. What a beautiful and unique addition he's been to our family.

*He balances us.
*He grounds Tyler and brings a security to him, (even though they can seriously fight too).
*He is so sweet to Paisley and loves to be in charge of her.
*He is silly and likes to say gross words to make Tyler laugh, (i.e. fart, poop, boogie).

*His favorite game is Uno and he is VERY good.
*He likes to drink "refreshing water" and I will often find him in the kitchen putting ice into a tall glass with some water. "Just needed some refreshing water Mom." *He said to me last month "I love you 5 days Mom!" and "I love you 15 500 Mom!"
*He loves to "do school" and will be the first one at the school table with his books open and ready. Such a willing learner. He writes his name perfectly and will start over if something goes off.
*He likes to dress handsome, "not all the way handsome like at Tom and Becky's wedding.", (which means he'll wear everything but the newsboy hat)!
*He still sleeps with his "puppy" that was given to him when he was born.
*He does things right the first time. He doesn't need to be asked twice to do something.
*He doesn't like to have sticky fingers. He is very textile and will dry his hands off for a long time after his bath. Likes his shirts just right, his socks lined up, his shoes to fit correctly and all else in line.
*He is happiest when he is helping. *He is a loud sleeper...always has been. Makes all kinds of noises at night, even singing in his sleep sometimes.
*He loves to play his "gar", (guitar) and has great rhythm.
*His favorite person is his Dad, but Grammie is a close second. *He is very sensitive to those around him, their needs.
*He wants to be heard, (typical second born)! We still work through him screaming to get Tyler's attention, (but if we're being honest here I scream too sometimes to get Tyler's attention. He's a typical firstborn, off in imagination land)!

Luke, we love you so much.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Luke! We are so blessed to know you! Love Jonathan, Michelle and Charlie-dog. :)

Jena said...

I'll never forget getting the news of Luke's birth all the way in Vietnam!!!
Happy Birthday Buddy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday precious Lukey!
You own a very special corner of Shrish's heart...
We are missing you sooo much!
Love you!!

Stephanie said...

Kid birthdays are the BEST! Especially, for sentimental Mommies!! Enjoy the day :)

Jeane` said...

Happy Birthday to you, the mama and to the adorable and endearing Luke Thomas!!!!
(This is a great post for his 'baby book'...if you have one, unlike me, who is using my entire blog as one big one for all the children. ;)

Thinking of you so often, my friend. Hope you're heart is being lifted and encouraged!!!

Anonymous said...

happy day luke.
so thankful for your life & health.

i still remember that your daddy practically had to deliver you and stories of janelle speaking in tongues while giving birth.

i am sure this year, there is a deeper sense of gratefulness for the life of this precious child, seeing all the past week has held.
each child is such a gift and absolute miracle from god.

Anonymous said...

wait - am i getting stories confused. was in P that jake nearly delivered? i believe so. oh dear lands, i am losing it!!!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

the other night when i came downstairs (after my massage!!) lukie was getting his "refreshing water" all by himself..with a chair pulled up to the sink. i've seen him do this before & i just LOVE it. he is so precise & careful...& able to take care of himself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet sweet boy!

Lindsay said...

Love him!!
i can't imagine all the things you describe cause when i left i feel like he was still so little.. can't wait to meet the four year old version of my cousin, he sounds wonderful! hope you are all doing well. so so much love from Hyderabad to Strasburg!