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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Barn Sale memories

Last year was our 3rd Annual Barn Sale.
In keeping with tradition, I'm posting the pictures now to prepare us all for the long awaited garage sale season which is right around the corner! Well, it's "long awaited" for me anyway. The treasures that wait for me on a crisp Spring/Summer Saturday morning are enough to get me out the door at 6am!
And a favorite *event* of the year for me~our annual Barn Sale Extravaganza!! I've already started a pile of things to get rid of this year! I take my barn sales very seriously.

I'm weird.
The advertisements~the displays~the friendly "service"~the quality junk(haha)

The "gates" don't open until 4pm.
Again, I'm weird like that.
Here's my reasoning: So I've found the "perfect sale" to attend. It starts at 8am so I arrive at 7:30am just to be one of the first to get to the "goods". However upon my arrival there are 5 women LEAVING the sale with armloads of the "best". If you wanted the sale to start at 7:30 then put 7:30 in the ad.

I think it's only FAIR to start when you say you will so that everyone who is planning on coming knows that they can get there then and the "best" hasn't been previously rummaged through since 7am and if that wasn't a run-on sentence I don't know what is! And this would have been the case last year had I allowed every person that stopped by before 4pm to shop to their hearts content. Including and not limited to the dear Amish woman who pulled her buggy into my driveway at 6:30 am and was looking through my boxes with a flashlight!! Have you ever been woken up by the "neigh" of a horse? That was my first time too!! And boy oh boy, don't cross a deal-findin'-woman either. When I would graciously tell some of the people that I wouldn't let them in until it starts @ 4pm you'd think I just told them that I saw their husband on a date with another woman! So, call it controlling, I call it "crowd management"!! HAHAHA! Actually, I don't know what I call it;
desperate entertainment perhaps!!? The 4pm stampede!

Last year there were 9 women participating.
trying to keep the money straight! TOO MUCH for all involved. So this year we're trying something different.
We are going to have spaces available for a fee if you'd like to bring some things to sell. Included in that fee will be:
1.) heavy advertisement.
2.) a table and chair set up for you upon arrival.
3.) coffee and light snacks
4.) an apron to set you apart as the "seller".

The yard, (see below) will be lined with up to 15 tables so it may turn into more of a flea market feel actually.
It will be a "BUY AS YOU GO" system. I'm excited to see how it turns out! THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE THROUGH HERE IN ONE WEEKEND so hopefully each seller with leave with a good chunk of money if you have nice things priced well. And as I mentioned before It will be heavily advertised.
If you're interested in participating please contact me @JJ9702@JUNO.COM and I'd be happy to send you some more information!
MAY 6TH-7TH, 2011
And just for kicks here are the links to the last 2 years:



"My mom was a garage sale person, save money.
Come on in to the garage sale, you might find a shirt.
She'd get in that garage sale and point stuff out to you.
There's a good fork for a nickel. Yeah, that's beautiful.
It's a little high. If it were three cents I'd snap it up."
~ Louie Anderson~


Shelly said...

How did I even miss your yard sale all of these years?? It looks like a FABULOUS place to shop, except for the crowds! lol. I will do my best to make it this year!! And I am *with* you on the thing of opening up at the time advertised. So not fair to let people in before!!

Elizabeth said...

My SIL told me about your blog and barn sale. I am now an avid "Three Men and Their Ladies" reader and we plan on making a weekend trip to check out the barn sale this year. Needless to say, I am super psyched already!
Love your blog!

The lady of the house... said...

Shelly and Elizabeth~SEE YOU BOTH SOON!! Elizabeth~where are you coming from? I can email you our address, I don't put it on our blog. Come ready to find some great deals, so far there are 11 women setting up "shop"!!! Seriously, how am I even going to make any money with buying everyone elses "junk"!! :)

Elizabeth said...

We're coming from Annapolis, MD. My SIL is Amy Neikam Trader (I think you know her). She may already have your address but if you could email it to me just in case, that would be awesome! Don't buy all the junk! We're making sure we clean out the truck before we come:)

Kristina said...

I wish I could be there, Janelle! Some year I'll have to make the trek in from Pittsburgh....