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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hunting Season

Let the garage sale season begin!!

I'll be busy for the next week preparing for our annual garage sale! I've put the word out and hope to have some friends join me again for this welcoming day! Last year was our first year here at our new home and boy, all I can say is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. A few years ago at our old home I spent two days workin' my tail off and made $40! Not my kind of sale! Last year, with just as much work I made $700!! I am NOT joking! I couldn't believe it either! I came away from those two days thinking, "what on earth did I sell??" I guess it doesn't much matter WHAT I sold, just that it sold! So, my goals are to:
1.) pass on my treasures to others in an organized sale at reasonable prices.
2.) HAVE FUN meeting new people.
3.) make some $.

If you'd like to drop on by we'll be here:


Here are two of my nieces at their AWESOME little outdoor cafe! It was a hit, they did such a great job keeping it stocked and the ice cold lemonade was a hit! Check out their great lime green register and matching pink shirts! Gotta love that!

Hope you each have a great week!!


Jena said...

Hey girl-
I am going to see if I can get out of bed and come down on Sat....
What time does it start?

Bess said...

Wow...a flicker of excitement just went through me! (Is that sad to feel that way about yard sales?)Most likely I'll stop in! :)

Jeane` Miller said...

You'll probably have Diana Krall playing, hot coffee with heart-shaped sugars and warm muffins on a crystal platter for the shoppers. It's not JUST location, it's quality & atmosphere too! :)

I am so looking forward to our little Thursday jaunt about town!

With love,

Fan said...

Sorry I can't be there, Janelle, I'll be at Karla's wedding in TX. Mandi and Christy are planning to go garage-saleing that morning, so they'll show up bright and early!