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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

All of a sudden

I received this newsletter and just had to pass it along, it was so beautifully written and inspiring....enjoy!

"Spring Is Here!

It’s April! Spring is here and the trees are green again! It amazes me because there’s a tree right outside my balcony that didn’t have any leaves on it 1 week ago and now it’s fully green and alive. It’s like we wake up one day and everything is green and in full bloom again. What an example of how God does things in our own lives!! All of a sudden, we realize that winter is over and spring has come!!! Yay God! He is so faithful to breathe life over us and bring fruit to our endeavors of waiting on Him and trusting in Him. Makes the faith walk so worth it! I hope that if spring hasn’t come to your heart and life yet, that it will soon and you’ll experience the life of His goodness once again!

... Life is so exciting, especially when we just let go of our own expectations of what we want, and just let God take over. He’s doing a new work and we have to have open ears to hear His heart for us. It’s no longer business as usual… He’s shaking and moving in new ways and we’ve GOT to jump on board with His way of thinking! Let Him shake your paradigm and move you to follow only His voice…the kingdom of God needs us.

I love you all and just love sharing my heart and encouraging you. Keep moving forward, the best is yet to come!


You can check out this great woman of God here. I would HIGHLY recommend her cd! Have a great Wednesday to organize the boys' rooms, when the slightest urge to organize hits me, I MUST listen for fear it will not bite again for another 6 months!!!!!

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Jeane` Miller said...

I know how it feels to be 'bitten' (even if ever so slightly) and organizational chores MUST be done in the tight window of opportunity. Then when it's done...oh, it so nice to walk in there and feel like a little part of your life is in order!
I'd love to get together next week. Thursday would be the best day(i think you might have said that wouldn't work)...but what about monday?