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Thursday, April 17, 2008

my day through someone elses eyes....

See here for the GREAT DAY I HAD!!!!! I was honored to have my fabulous friend join me for the day.....I was snapping pictures all the day long in hopes of posting a fabulous post to match my equally fabulous friend, but alas, my dear son took hold of the camera and deleted every-single-stinkin', I have nary a shot to share. BUT, my fabulous friend has come through once ENJOY.....we sure did!!!

"In my friend, I find a second self."
~Isabel Norton

1 comment:

Jeane` Miller said...

I still feel for you and your lost forever pictures! Oh well...

How did your Barn sale turn out?? It was a gorgeous day to be sure (although I was inside for most of it!). I was thinking of you!