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Thursday, April 24, 2008

curiosity continues

yes, the curiosity continues on in full force here in the Stoltzfus home! Last evening while at Jake's brothers home for dinner Luke comes crawling out of the play room w/ blue paint dripping from his mouth! He had gotten in the finger paints! It looked hilarious and thankfully washed out quite easily....and wasn't poisonous!

Then last night Jake and I were in the living room and Tyler was having a snack in the kitchen....sitting nicely at the table w/ a bowl of yogurt....or so we thought. We thought it was a bit too quiet for our Tyler so we walked out and sure enough he's DRINKING SPRAY hair gel....for your HAIR!! The bottle was almost empty! Oh my gosh! He's spitting and spewing because it's N-A-S-T-Y. We gave him some milk and called the company. Thankfully it was a "natural spray gel" combining cranberry oil and aloe so it was not poisonous! We have two monkeys on our hands! Off to enjoy this Wednesday with Thing 1 and Thing 2!!!! Hee hee!....oh, wait, it's Thursday!


Bess said...

Ok, so the blue finger paint I could see and crack up over. But the HAIR GEL?! I am laughing out loud over that one! :o)

Thanks for the comment the other day! Things are going well. Let's have a get-together soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how Aunt Shrish loves "Thing 1 & Thing 2!! =)
Looking forward to Sunday....