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Monday, May 9, 2011

be sure your posts will find you out

Back about four and a half years ago I came upon an old friends blog.  By "old friend" I mean that we had lost contact after knowing one another through our involvement at the same church.  He also married a childhood friend of mine which made him a friend-in-law I guess.  I was delighted to see that he had some blog postings in his archive from 2002, (not alot of people were blogging "back then").  Narcissically I clicked on September 2002 to see if, per chance he had posted something about our wedding day!  HAHA!!!  WHO DOES THAT??  And why would I even think a MAN would waste his time writing about OUR wedding day???

To my complete shock and excitement I came upon a posting ALL*ABOUT*OUR*WEDDING!!  I started reading as fast as my little eyes could scan and realized rather quickly that this post was a total mockery of our day!! I wasn't upset, just surprised.  I wondered if I should leave a comment, maybe something like this: "Hi Brian, (he gets annoyed when people spell his name incorrectly), nice blog you have here.......jerk!!"   I don't remember exactly what I did, but I did make known my "presence" on his blog one way or another.  A few months later I returned to the blog post to see he had changed a few things and tried to cover his tracks, for instance: "in July at a wedding in Massachusetts" and other such fallacies! It felt good to know he was a little sorry......or ashamed.

Fast forward years later and Bryan's blog has really taken off and his first ever published piece was done in Collide Magazine last year.  And want to know what it was all about?  The way he made fun of our wedding....and how I found out!  The title of his article was aptly named "Be Careful Little Blog What You Flame." 

His article begins like this:
 This was it. "This was the last straw.

Sitting us outside in the sun I could understand. I mean, how were they supposed to know it was going to be 90 degrees outside in September?

And the musical numbers? Definitely a bit much for my taste, but I could live with those too. Hey, it was their wedding. If they wanted it to feel like Mamma Mia!-meets-The Bachelor, that was their call.

But a season of prayer for the bride and groom? A stinking, 15-minute-long season of prayer when it felt like my sweaty neck already boasted a third-degree sunburn? This was too much. This wedding needed to be flamed, and I needed to be the one to do it...." 
For the rest of the article you can go here.
You'll have to read the entire article to know how it all ended. And if you're a blogger, you'll find some very helpful and insightful tips to seeing your blog become a success....and how not to be mean!   

"If you can't forgive and forget,
pick one."

~Robert Brault~


Beth in NC said...

Yikes! I can't imagine being in your situation or Bryan's. lol It definitely makes me want to go through all of my posts. The only one I can think of is one about my MIL -- though I didn't mention SHE was the one harassing me. :o)

Thanks for sharing with us!


Sarah Gingrich said...

Oh dear! And that's all I can think to say about that! I think a new book of etiquette is needed in this very digital age, or perhaps our grandmother's and mother's aptly spoken admonition will suffice: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" ; ).

Anonymous said...

Kharma's a bitch