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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guatemalan Feast

Our dear friends Tim and Soila made us an amazing Guatemalan Feast last week. As you can see I forgot to take a picture of it because I WAS DEVOURING IT!!! It was so delicious and she didn't even have to try! She is from Guatemala and brings her amazing cooking abilities to their home in Gordonville! Thank you Soila for taking the time to prepare this meal for us. I know you are busy with your three little ones. It was very special to spend time with you and your family.

When they got married, Jake attended their wedding in Guatemala. To this day he talks about how amazing the food was. "Honey, they ground their own corn", "they picked the leaves to wrap the cornmeal in", etc. It really is quite amazing, but not out of the ordinary for them I am sure. Nonetheless, when we were invited to have dinner with them we made sure to make it happen!

Our children play really well together too. Tavita is their oldest girl and loves to play "Memory." (below) Their 2nd born, Zane, is Tyler's age and their youngest, Ivette, is Luke's age.

Here's Luke serenading Ivette....too sweet!

Jake becomes a different guy around Tim. They LAUGH so much together. I get a kick out of watching them! We took along a practical joke, (they LOVE to play jokes on each other and we thought it was our turn!!). It's a fake ice cube, (very real looking I might add) with a dead fly inside!!! When Tim was out of the room Jake put it in his glass. He didn't notice it until the meal was half way over. Suddenly he turns to Soila and they start speaking in Spanish! We knew right away what was going on, but we just sat there looking at them! It was SO HILARIOUS!! So, they're talking and talking and finally I say, "is something wrong?" He tips the glass toward us and we gasp. We pick up our glasses and start looking through them. By this time, they're back to speaking English! "Maybe Tavita put it in the freezer!", "I don't remember putting ice in the lemonade," says Soila. It was then that we just couldn't hold it any longer and we BURST into laughter. Tim takes the "ice" out of the glass and of course realizes that it's not cold! Good times!!!! They have been friends since they were very, very young. Tim was in our wedding as well. Here they are with their oldest boys, (as you can see in this picture they are smiling about something...that's what they look like the entire time they're together....mischievous grins!!) There will be many good times to come I am sure of that!

"And in the end,
it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years."
~Abraham Lincoln

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