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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Holiday in Harrisburg

This past Friday Jake and I spent the entire day in Harrisburg, our state Capital. We began the day with Starbucks, (tall, white chocolate mocha please) and the morning paper. What a treat to sit and enjoy each other's company totally uninterrupted!
We then attended a republican fundraising Luncheon with the
Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney!!It was quite an experience having so much anticipation for his arrival. Jake & I were especially enamored watching the Secret Service "do their thing," complete with bomb sniffing dogs, caravans of black SUV's & lots of holding the right ear while you talk into thin air!!!!!! Just before his arrival a man came to the front and affixed the seal of the Vice President of the United States to the podium! Every move seemed so clean, smooth & calculated! The speech was powerful and I felt an unexpected feeling toward Mr. Cheney....compassion. His job is not easy and is constantly scorned and ridiculed. I truly appreciated his office while listening to him speak. After the Luncheon we took some time to walk around the city a bit and do some shopping. Here is a picture of a gigantic shopping bag at the mall downtown called Strawberry Square,
very creative design!
Then we went to the movies! I literally cannot remember the last movie I saw in a theater! This was a brand new theater and the seats were AMAZING! Plush, rocking, reclining seats! Now, THAT'S the way to watch a movie! We saw "Fools Gold", a complete waste of time, but it took us to a Caribbean island full of sunshine, crystal blue water and palm trees and for that I was thankful!! Later that night we got "all dolled up" to attend a dinner continuing the
GOP, (Grand Old Party) fundraising day. Jake and I figured out that this chandelier, (one of 10) was bigger then our bathroom!! Yes, very random I know, but these sorts of random things come to mind when you are free to enjoy and take in your surroundings without keeping eyes on little ones!!
The Delectable Dessert of the evening!! Warm apple pie with caramel topping! MORE please!
My niece's Heather & Brianna, there to support their Dad, (my brother) in his official announcement to run for Auditor General of Pennsylvania.
A SPECIAL THANKS TO: Chet & Sharon, for the kind invitation, my sister Fan, my niece Catherine, Paige and my Mom for watching the boys and providing their needs throughout the day and night. We knew they were in good hands!! Thank you, thank you!!!


Jeane` Miller said...

Thank YOU!!! I had so much fun reading about your weekend...and of course, savoring the pictures (you & Mr. Bond looked stunning). I hope you were able to keep conversation intelligent and brief. :)
Talk to you soon,

Bess said...

Oh how fun! We used to live out near Harrisburg and enjoyed just walking the city on beautiful days. What sights to see!

And go Chet! I hope he does well!!!

Bess said...

Oh, and yes, I'll see you tomorrow! Let me know if I should bring anything! :)

Juanita said...

Oh Wow! What a fun weekend! I just love dressing up and going out. And I love the white chocolate mochas from Starbucks! Looks like you guys had a blast.