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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Deal or no Deal!!!

Do you see this stunning woman in blue?? Yes, the one in the middle glowing with excitement and a touch of pregnancy hormone!! She, my dear friend Jeane applied to be on the TV show "Deal or No Deal" and to her, (and my) ETERNAL delight, she was picked to continue her way to the final destination. She was so kind to let me join in this fun by being one of her "supporters" on a "test run" of the game show. It was videotaped and sent to the producers. Oh, I'm just doing an awful job retelling the story, PLEASE VISIT HER BLOG to get the full, eloquent, exciting scoop! All I can say is the interview went so well she is now onto the last "hoop" as it were before SHE APPEARS ON THE SHOW!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOH JOYOUS DAY!!!!!!! Thanks Jeane, for sharing this with me! You are AMAZING!!!


Anonymous said...

how fun. i'm sure you're a great "supporter" through that whole crazy process.
i was telling clark about this and he knows somebody from work that has gotten this far as well and he's heard an interesting theory this step in the process. he's heard that they don't actually care about the whole "fake game show" scenario, but they are actually looking how you respond to the pressure of picking an envelope and then your response to the "YES"! (he's heard everyone is told YES at this point in the audition) and that is what their actually looking at in your video. they feel people let their guard down at this point and stop "acting" because they think the audition is over and that's the moment they truly want to capture and see how you react. interesting concept, don't ya think. either way, so very fun.

Jeane` Miller said...

Dearest Janelle...
You are such a GRACIOUS and WONDERFUL friend!!! Thank you for the encouraging post this morning and for "rejoicing with those who rejoice"--or maybe more appropriately, "Make life even more fun for those who are experiencing fun!". You are truly a selfless, giving person. Whatever the outcome, whatever all of it meant, I had such fun and hope for the best...which would be having you up on that stage-either with me or ON YOUR OWN!!!!!
Thank you, again, for making my day with your contagious kindness and enthusiasm!
(And I'll point out how tan, tone and lean you look! Striking!)
With love,

Lulu & Tutz said...

Wait!!! Is that Emily Rodriguez with you?!?! It always amazes me how small this county is!

Thanks for the blog advice...I might need your expertise, though - I couldn't seem to add a banner, so the info ended up getting all jumbled up together! The info is there, but not sure it's legible!!!

I need a crash course in computer technology!