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Thursday, March 13, 2008

gettin' a kick

OUT OF APRONS....OH, APRONS GALORE!!! This picture is from here, a great site that I visit and droll over more then a few times each week. OH, THE JOY HAD I BEEN STANDING IN FRONT OF THIS GLORIOUS SELECTION!!!!!!! Can't wait for garage sale season....especially a precious little old lady that is ready to part with her well-loved things. I WILL GIVE THEM A NEW HOME!! Yes, I will!!


Aimee said...

Oh sweet mama, that is a glorious sight!! The weather's getting warmer, the birds are starting to sing, yard sale season is almost upon us...I can almost taste it!!!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

ok, i just checked out that blog! where is her shop? we have to go!

The lady of the house... said...

that would be the sunny, almost always perfect weather, beautiful, flea market heaven of southern California! here's the deal...our husbands fly us out for a long weekend and we'll take care of finding babysitters! HA HA!! (p.s. check your back door Ang, I dropped off some stuff today!)

Dana said...

An apron rack. Who knew!
I just have to comment on the tree blog from the other day. I loved that! For many reasons it really touched my heart when I read it and I actually wiped a moist drop for the corner of my eye when I was done. It was a great post thanks for writing it down!!