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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A visit from India

Last week my dear and forever friend Lindy and her little girl Manju came for a weeks visit. She lives in Kalimpong, India. She started a home called "Freedom House" in 2006 to receive young, pregnant, unwed women or girls and provide a safe place for them. They are located in Northeast India, the Himalaya Mountains surround them. They are near India's border with Nepal and Bhutan, and Calcutta is a 12 hour train ride south. The last time she was home was 2 years ago, Tyler was only 6 months old! Thankfully through the amazing technology at our fingertips we are in touch a lot. Even though that is the case, there is nothing like FACE time! When she came to the door it was though no time had passed at all. We are kindred spirits to be sure. Before Jake and I were married there was a group of 4 of us that hung out together ALL THE TIME. Jake, Paul, Lindy and I. We created so many fun memories together and had the time of our lives. I don't think I have ever laughed as hard as when I was with the three of them. Lindy and I had an apartment together for several years so we were two peas in a pod. The four of us took road trips together, went out for late night dinners, played games & talked for hours. At that time none of us were dating anyone so the four of us found "refuge" in our singleness with one another! It was a precious friendship....and still is. One of our best memories was the night we got all dressed up and went to Baltimore Inner Harbor. The three of them had grown up in very conservative schools and never had the chance to attend a prom of any sort. So, one summer night we decided to change that. The guys bought new suits and we found beautiful dresses for ourselves. We got all dolled up and off we went. Lindy and I totally shocked the guys by renting a limousine. We came driving in hanging out the sunroof! Man, that was a good night! That Christmas, as a gift to each of them, I asked my cousin Freiman to paint a picture of that night. This was the masterpiece that he drew from a picture we had from the evening.

The time we had together was so special. Thank you Lindy for taking the time to come for a visit. We stand with you and love you dearly! We'll see you soon, hopefully at YOUR doorstep this time.

"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody,
I think that is a much greater hunger,
a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.
Each one of them is Jesus in disguise."
~ Mother Teresa~

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Jess said...

Hey Janelle,
I love reading your blog... thought I'd leave a comment letting you know I'm a faithful reader :)
Let me know if you are home Friday morning.... I'd love to drop off some clothes for Tyler!!