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Monday, October 26, 2009

anderson cooper

looks like my husband....seriously, i was thrown for a loop!

My niece put that picture of Anderson on her facebook with the caption that says, "I heart Anderson Cooper" and here are the comments that were left......

Janelle Stoltzfus
me too. he is so calm, he reminds me of Jake when I watch him 'cause he doesn't have much facial expression, but he means so deeply what he says!!
October 21 at 10:57pm

Lindsay Beiler
and he looks like Jake-holy cow. when i was in NYC a few years ago with my school we went to the CNN studio and he was there!! i freaked out.
October 22 at 3:40pm

Mitch Smucker
first thing i thought when i saw this picture was..Jake?? ha,then i read these comments and see i'm not the only one.
Sat at 10:20pm

Carson Smucker
Anderson Cooper's got nothin on Uncle Jake!!!
Yesterday at 12:53pm

Janelle Stoltzfus
he really does look like Jake in this picture....all focused and stuff! mitch, that's funny you thought that!

Megan Beiler
hahahahaah! this is hilarious. all the comments. and the picture. and the fact that he really does look like Uncle Jake. wow..
Yesterday at 7:28pm
I got a good laugh out of all that......


Just a little something from Judy said...

I agree with your assessment. Hang on to your guy, Janelle!

Anonymous said...

i never would have thought they look too much alike, until i saw this picture, before i even read the post i totally thought it looked exactly like jake. jake and his face of concentration! craziness.

Dice Family of Strasburg said...

do you remember when Anderson was on channel 1 news? Also, little tid bit, his mother is Gloria Vanderbilt the designer who made women's jeans famous.

The lady of the house... said...

channel 1 news!!! total flashback...i had forgotten about that and now that you say something, i remember it vividly!!! he basically looks the same, just w/ gray hair now!!! those were the days, when we got our news first thing in the morning, with no other distractions...besides thinking about who we were going to sit w/ at lunch!! :-)

oh joy! said...

They say everyone has a twin out there somewhere. This proves it?? Handsome men, indeed!

Jeane` said...

Good old Channel One. What a way to (not) start the day!
AS for Anderson...Jake is far better looking, more rugged...and yet, I have to agree, the similarities are there! (My sisters say that Curt resembles Aaron Eckert-in the "No Reservations" movie and now opposite Jennifer Aniston in something or other...). Fun post!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! As soon as I saw the picture, I thought...that's neat, how Janelle got a reflection of Jake off the glass window!! Wonder how she did that???'s not's the name above the picture!! You've got a handsome man indeed!! :)
Let's get together soon!! I miss you!!!
Love Mary Jo

Adrienne said...

That is crazy!!! I would swear that the picture is Jake!!!

Lindsay said...

hee hee hee :)

sadly.. those are not my shoes standing in the leaves. nor did i take the picture.. sigh. but it is wonderful none the less.

baby of mine. mmmm.

I have another video coming soon. and i want to see your christmas pictures!! can you send me a little sneak peak? or are you as secretive with your christmas pictures as you are with the name and sex of your children before they are born? LOL.

i love you. :)

and Oh oh oh! How could i forget?!? For outreach I am going to THAILAND! Eeeeee! more details to come in my next video!

jansphotos said...

oh my stars!!! are you sure you didn't paste the wrong photo??! =) i am freaking out how alike they look!! ;) i love the way you love your family, is beautiful, and inspiring!