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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Paisley eats

My little girl is 5 months old! FIVE! Right about now is when I start giving my babies some rice cereal, to "hold them over" through the night and get them use to new idea of "food". She, like my boys, is already eating like a pro! The days/weeks/ months are just going by so quickly. I talked with my cousin today who has 5 children, all grown. I asked her if it feels like just yesterday that she was in my shoes, with little ones at her legs. She said it doesn't seem like yesterday to her, it seems like a long, long time ago. "So much happens from the time they are born until they are adults." Such a simple statement, but it stuck to my heart. I don't know what the days ahead hold for my children and that can be scary if I let it get to me. I have to realize that "I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know Who holds tomorrow."

I was reading this blog earlier today, she's my age with 7 children! This particular quote stood out to me:

"God isn't interested in how good and christian I can act or look -- lots of big smiles and sweet talk. He's interested -- no MORE than interested -- He actually came to save me from that type of deceptive living and birth me into new life! Which is what I pray for my children - a salvation from outward form, salvation from outward behavior that covers up the running in the other direction in their hearts. I cannot forsake prayer.

I desire my children to behave - to say please and thank you and respect authority and all that. We require this. But seriously, what good is this outward form, this outward behavior, if their hearts are not changed, if their inward lives are not transformed by God's power? Ultimately, it could even be a deterrent, a hindrance in knowing God, because they may think they are good, when they are not.

I don't want to raise little hypocrites. . . who grow up to be big ones. Who will rely on their good deeds, and be blinded to their deceptive sinful hearts that need a Savior. Oh, I pray no.

I have asked the Lord to show me
how to cry out to their hearts and not just to their heads
about why we do what we do."


Bess said...

Love it! Cereal time is so exciting!

I read Alyssa's long post this morning as well! What stuck out to me was "I don't want to raise little hypocrites...who grow up to be big ones." This woman is blessed with words...and children! :) Do you know her personally?

Hope you guys are doing well! Just curious...what will you be replacing your car with? ;o)

Jena said...

wow, friend, so true :
love you much.

Martha said...

luv your beach pics! i know a trip to the beach, is a lot of work....but it is worth it all, creating memories with the kids... i also read Alyssa's blog, i luv and appreciate her authenticity! it is encouraging for me as a mom! know how we need encouragement!...your kiddos are so precious!! have a blessed day!