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Saturday, October 31, 2009

a box and a rope

the favorite toys as of late....i love the way boys create fun out of "everyday" items.
I stopped by a local appliance store and humbly asked for an extra box. They were happy to part with it and the boys had days of indoor fun....
and then we have the faithful rope, this thing turned up out of nowhere and has been the best "toy" this entire Summer and Fall. Thank you Mr. Rope for entertaining my children.....

I have this great piece of paper on our refrigerator. I picked in up at the bank earlier this Summer. It's a helpful reminder of the endless ways we can turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities. Try adding some of these to your regular routine:

  • let your child help
  • pretend
  • have a conversation
  • introduce a new food
  • sing a song
  • ask your child's opinion
  • invent something
  • laugh together
  • share a memory
  • go outside
  • play a game

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

that list is wonderful. i wanna sing, laugh and pretend with tyler and lukey!! (i wanna sing laugh and pretend with you too.)