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Monday, October 12, 2009

Tid bits...

We really love our church. There are many reasons we were drawn there, but the biggest reason is the practical, applicable teaching that is poured out EACH. WEEK. Every week we make the 2 mile trek back home and say to one another, "everyone needs to hear that message!!" and we mean it!

For some time now I've been wanting to post my "notes" from Sunday mornings....although they are tid-bits, sometimes all you need is a "tid" or a "bit" to encourage, uplift, challenge and inspire you:

Be encouaged today.....

*a command is God's choice for you.
*a command is my choice for my children.
*many treat Christianity as a cultural heritage & not a reality of day-to-day life.
*Don't just tell your children what to do "because I'm the Mom" ask them you believe I love you?, do you believe I have your best interest in mind?, am I older then you?, etc.
one wags a finger and is built on requirement, the other is based on relationship.
*speaking about relationships with others~hatred can be expressed by indifference; a neither "here nor there" attitude, a nod, a wave, a "hey" instead of being TRULY present with them.
*True love will demonstrate itself for one another and not do as hatred does which is to "give up on" the other person.
*True love goes the extra mile and prays that God would pour out His best on that person....true love gifts them! GIVES in a gift card, a wrapped present, something tangible....this reestablishes relationship in the most selfless way!
*We must CHOOSE the right people to impact our lives.
*Most people pick friends according to who'll tell them what they WANT to hear as opposed to what they NEED to hear.
*Find someone to set me straight and give them permission to counsel and correct me and tell them it's okay to be the door to accountability.
*If you have someone that is a true friend, speaking into your life and holding you accountable, hold them tight and celebrate them.....if you don't have someone, pray them into your life.
*don't "set up shop" or "build a little cabin" near the edge of darkness. Little slivers of darkness begin to captivate and cultivate until they become the absolute downfall of a person.
*Let my walk not only be in word, but in DEED.


Anne said...

Thanks for the tid-bits! They really did encourage. PS, I LOVE that Karl Jobe gets me every time!

You are a blessing, Janelle :)

Jena said...

Isn't it awesome to have a church that teaches truth?
what great tidbits!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

Where do you guys go?? Is it that church on the edge of town close to Isaacs? It is such a blessing to *love* your church!