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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

date night

sometimes it's so easy to let life take over and suddenly you have a roommate instead of a lover! we took some time, money, energy and thought to make this date night work and it was worth every minute. we went here and it was delicious, elegant and quiet! the longer i am married to this man the more i love him and appreciate him. he is the kindest man i know. i will love him forever and ever, amen.

"If you wonder how long Ill be faithfull
Ill be happy to tell you again
Im gonna love you forever & ever,
forever & ever amen"
~Randy Travis~


every day is a gift... said...

n-i-c-e!! :)

clarita yoder said...

You are so beautiful, Janelle! Jake must be so proud to have you as his own!.... and you are so right about taking time and effort to stay connected in these days with young children, but it is SO WORTH IT!! Hope you can get many more such dates! Oh, and just a side note, Ben's brother has worked as Fenz for several years. I've never been there, but have heard it's a great atmosphere!

Vickie said...

Beautiful! Ashley and I just LOVE your pink bracelet. Is that a pretty pink stone ring on your finger?

We love you both, more and more, the longer we know you!


Anne said...

You look beautiful! Oh, and I got you something. You can pick it up at my blog!

Lola said...

So I thought I commented but apparently NOT! So you forgot to mention that you had an amazing sitter who somehow took that cuteness pic even though her subjects made her laugh. And laugh. Haha! Love you guys!!!