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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Luke's 3rd Birthday Party BASH!!

I come from a very large family so when we have a party with "just" the family,
it's BIG!! If you frequent this blog you are surely sick of hearing about all Luke's parties,
but hey, you only turn 3 once and around here we celebrate well.....and often!!

Making homemade, freshly churned ice cream on the front porch!
Grammie helping Luke eat the ice cream!
The birthday cake reveal!
He was delighted.
So was I.

"A gar cake Mom!!"
(That's how he says guitar).

He didn't want us to sing happy birthday to him
and tried to hide under the table.
So, I said we can sing happy birthday
to me or to Paisley and he was fine with that.
He actually joined in with the singing!
Also, I had to convince him to cut it,
he didn't want to hear of it,
but after a bit he said it would be okay!

This picture is hilarious to me.....people everywhere you look!
That was pretty much our night.....if you know our home, it's not a mansion.
But a house is made of brick and stone,
a home is made of love alone!!!!
People everywhere in this
picture!! Can you count them all??
I see 17!!

Tyler wasn't feeling so good,
so his friend Nya joined him on the
couch. So precious of her.

just a FEW of his cousins!!!!
It was awesome.....and loud!!
"Present time, present time,
open the presents and see what's inside!!!"
(a little diddy that they say on "blues clues" that we
say when it's present time).

a real microphone from Daddy!
And so, the party came to a joyous close with Luke leading us all in a jam session to
"You're the giver of all good things" song! It was great!!!!
Thank you to everyone who came!!!

Luke sure is loved.....

"And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen."
~Terri Guillemets~

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