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Monday, April 12, 2010

packages in the mail.

I have the greatest friends. I will say that over and over and over on this blog of mine because it's so true.

Here is just ONE example of a friends kindness toward me. This friend would have never entered my world except that she & her husband and their daughter use to live in this house! They were the previous owners of our darling home. I always had a sense of thankfulness toward them, because after all, they picked US to have their home. If I remember correctly there was another offer on the table.
I feel forever indebted to them; we love our home, our plot of soil in this big, big world. Shortly before our settlement in 2007 they had a car accident which moved things back a bit. I felt soooo badly for her. It's hard enough trying to pack up house and home, take care of a child and prepare to move to another state, let alone having a broken arm while doing it, (was it an arm Michelle? I forget?). Anywho, I wrote her a letter because I really did feel sad for them. Our friendship continued into the day of settlement when I gave her a little bag o' goodies for their journey to Texas with an almost 2 year old! Since that time she has sent me many more packages then I've EVER gotten to her! Gifts for the children, hand-stitched sayings framed in rustic barn board frames, and THIS lot.....I'm tellin' ya, she's a keeper!!!! THANK YOU MICHELLE!! And just so you know, our home is always open if you're ever in this area, quite literally, our home is your home!!!
And then I found THESE KNOCK-OUTS in my mailbox the other day. Please, could I have this happen more often.....HOT PINK BEADED STILETTOS IN MY MAILBOX!! what??? Again, I have the bestest besties! Thank you Mrs. Stoppard, my neighbor, my friend.

I'd like to label this picture:
I better go now, all the kiddies are napping and I should plant some perennials I just bought alongside the road for $1 each, please, what can you get for a STINKIN' DOLLAR that will keep blooming year after year after year?? score.

Also, there is a ginormous hover steam vac sitting in my kitchen that weighs a carpets are currently a breeding ground for all sorts of creatures so this week they will meet their doom.

"Friendship isn't a big thing -
it's a million little things."
~Author Unknown


Fan said...

Good buys! The phlox will work for a "Cottage Garden" look. That particular perennial comes in several different heights--did you get the lavendar spring phlox? (Its not as tall as summer phlox.)

The Sedum is a bit more rigid-looking, its pretty in the fall, but in my opinion, it needs to be mixed in with some lacy, softer plants. Maybe out back somewhere near the gazebo?

clarita yoder said...

Those shoes - darling and glamorous all in one! They will be so FUN to wear! You DO have great friends. :))

And perennials... That is something I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to doing, once we're settled in our little cottage. It's more of a rare thing down here, but I hope I can find some stray plants, although I know it don't be for a dollar each!