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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Luke's Guitar Cake

I did it!! I decided to MAKE my son's birthday cake, the first time EVER and IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN!!! It took work, but it really felt like a labor of love for him. I know he would have been just fine with any sort of cake, basically anything that had a lit candle in it would have made his day!! But, I needed ONE more thing to do so I DOVE IN HEAD FIRST!!!! I found this great video and it really inspired me!!!

Baked a 9x11 mint chocolate chip chocolate cake.
Found a guitar template online.
Printed and cut it out.
Placed it on the cake and cut it out.
Had my video right next to me the entire time.
Lined a square of cardboard with tin foil, (my tray).
Placed a crumb coating on it.
Cooled it for an hour.

Placed icing on it.

Decorated it.
My favorite part.
skittles for the buttons.
licorice for the strings.
chocolate covered coffee beans for the tuners.

And a heart of skittles just for the fun of it!!

And the finished product rolled in around midnight!!

Stay tuned for the reveal.....

"There are no seven wonders of the world
in the eyes of a child.
There are seven million."
~Walt Streightiff~


Anonymous said...

oh my! all your kids are growing too fast.

Jeane` said...

From one woman who barely can 'hang in there' with projects/creations that involve more than 2, maybe 3 max, steps, I APPLAUD YOUR GUITAR BIRTHDAY CAKE SUCCESS!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!
Aren't you glad you have pictures so that when they and their future fiances are looking through your blog albums, she can exlaim "What an amazing mom you had to have done that for you!!!!"

Bess said...

Love it!!!

Curt and I made Danae's cake for the past few years, letting her pick the theme and then we (or, more so Curt) go for it. It's so much fun to make it fun for them! :)

Anonymous said...

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