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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A glimpse

Sunday~ I'd like to entitle this day, "Sunday with Sickies." Runny noses, teething babies, sleepless nights, babies that "blook", (Dutch for beg/whine/cling).

Monday~ Grammie's here so I can organize the closets and clean the attic!! Took Tyler to have some blood drawn. Hope and pray that nothing "grows" this week in those cultures....we have to wait one week to see the results and then will be officially "discharged." Girls night out....a refuge in my week! We talked about our annual escape to the beach coming up in May!!!

Tuesday~ I AM SO SORE. I can hardly lift my arms!! why do I do this to myself? Do so much in one day? Made homemade bread, transplanted some flowers, planted a new flower bed, laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, used the steam vac on all my carpets, (sooo gross how black that water was), and finally FELL into bed around 9!!

Wednesday~it seems my children never stop eating, i have a feeling i better get use to this!!! Toy Train Museum in the morning, (free admission), lunch, naps, Costco, made dinner, gave two in-home massages, (did ya'll know I'm a massage therapist)? Another refuge in my week....I'll take two hours of silence ANY way I can get it!!

Thursday~ Picked up my new bike basket for my vintage bike, Took Rita's ice cream to Daddy who is working nearby, naps for ALL, how can the boys be out of socks already??, and now reconnecting with the blog world!!

So, that's where my week went......I've once again started writing down what I do each day. I have a little yellow journal beside my bed. I've been absent for about a month, but when I stick with it, it's very rewarding to look back on all that was accomplished. My Mom has done this for over 40 years and IT IS INCREDIBLE TO SEE ALL THE WORK THAT LADY HAS DONE!! Things that would have gone unnoticed and forgotten if not sealed in ink!!!

"For disappearing acts,
it's hard to beat
what happens to the eight hours
supposedly left
after eight of sleep
and eight of work."
~Doug Larson~

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