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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paisley~10 months old

Okay, so I better get these posted before she TURNS ONE....which is in 2 weeks!!! Come on friends, wasn't she JUST inside me, a mystery waiting to be revealed?? This little lady has been participating in a various array of creative photo shoots since she was in my womb, all taken by my dear, talented, "forever friend" Adrienne. We've been friends since the first day of 4th grade at West Fallowfield Christian School when we both realized we liked to match our headband to our shirt, to our socks, to our shoes. You know, all that 80's matching glory THAT'S BACK AGAIN!!??

My Baby Girl @ 10 months old:

"She's honey
and the bees don't know it."
~unknown author~
(except when she's teething and keeping me up at all hours!)


Anonymous said...

J. She so totally reminds me of you when you were that age! Soon she'll be doing cartwells down the isles of the grocery store!!! Tom

CountryMidwife said...

She is the picture of her momma! I'm so curious to see if you can get dark haired and eyed boys OR blonde haired girls someday... in the next 9 children. heee :)

We need some closeups of that mobile over the crib. Love! Did you make it yourself honey?