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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fresh Food

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

This is how it goes most evenings for me,

suddenly I look at the clock and it's 4:30, (sometimes even 5:00)
"oh no, WHAT am I going to make for dinner?"

And so I dig around in the freezer, pantry and fridge and whip something together
that resembles a full course meal! My husband is a vegeatarian so it's not that hard because I don't have to worry about making meat. It usually works itself out, by the time we sit down it looks pretty good and doesn't taste too bad either, but it's stressful.....SO WHY DON'T I CHANGE IT??

As the boys get older though I'm realizing that I'm needing a bit more at dinner. Just last night Jake said that he feels like he has to race to eat before it's all gone!! That made me laugh, our boys can eat that's for sure!!!

I have friends that plan their meals, cute little notes on their fridge indicating what's for dinner each night....I stare and drool with envy and imagine how wonderful that would be, but I don't change anything on the home front. Am I the only one that works like this? There must be something that I like about it or I'd knock it off. Maybe it's the creative nature of gathering stuff together and mixing a little of this and that! I don't know....... One thing I DO KNOW is having a garden this year WAS AWESOME, AMAZING AND DELICIOUS!! When I had *nothing* to eat, we'd go out there and dig up some dinner!!!

carrots~green beans~potatoes~tomatoes~fresh basil~lettuce~eggplants~beets
add that to the local fresh produce stands and WE'VE GOT A FEAST!

Jake's neice Betty was here one night for dinner.
What a treat! We love you Betty!! Please come again soon! xoxo

So, maybe at some point this Fall or Winter, when there's no garden in site
I'll get sick of trying to *invent* dinner and start making a little menu planning~~

Any advice on that? How do YOU handle dinner each and every night?

"As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices:
take it or leave it
~Buddy Hackett~


Smokers in the Valley said...

A friend told me yesterday that she has a five week menu plan. Every week she takes out the appropriate list of meals, complete with a grocery checklist, and that is what she buys and prepares for that week!! WHAT!? I can't even imagine... I am like you, we usually don't eat till after 6, sometimes even 7, these days cuz I am just too wrapped up in other things to prepare ahead of time!! Just out of curiousity, what do you prepare to avoid meat dishes? Do you and the kids eat meat? I try to limit our meat but run out of vegetarian ideas!!

The lady of the house... said...

Hey Mrs. Smoker~ ;)
We eat lots of *pasta*large salads*salmon, (he eats fish now, when we were first married he did not), *rice dishes*breakfast for dinner*whole wheat bread w/ every dinner, (very filling).

Just started feeding us all meat this Summer, (chicken). With the boys eating so much it's not a waste of time like it once was, (i never made meat for me b/c making meat for one person wasn't worth it).

Don't know if this helps at all??

consume me... said...

I laughed at this, because I could have written it myself!!! Occasionally I remember I'm on kitchen duty around 4 {like it's a surprise every time!} I love it when I open the freezer to find homemade soup! Every once in a while I actually plan out a meal while walking the aisles of the grocery store..but it's a very strange feeling to have it all under control. There must be some kind of syndrome that we have caught..maybe a legit condition that NEEDS to be spontaneous and carefree about our meals. OR, maybe we are just out of control and need to get a grip....let me know when you figure out which disease we have.

Anonymous said...

i am so blessed.
my hubby cooks and all i need to do is think of what i'd like, tell him & entertain the kids while he prepares his delicious feast. so, i have no tips.
it is a huge load of my back and clark cooks far better then i EVER could!

years ago, when i did do most of the cooking. i tried to keep certain "staples" around the house and then it helped me make a meal on short notice or with little prep. (things like noodles, rice, chicken, lettuce, veggies, other odds & ends that can make a nice meal)
rachel ray has great tips on meals for throughout the week. also, have you ever considered having one day a week that you prepare, bake & freeze enough meals for your week ahead. love this idea. seems practical. perhaps time consuming one day, but would save you lots of stress, thought & prep later in the week.

good luck.
i will continue to savor the pure joy of having a hubby cook so wonderfully for our family and he enjoys doing so, as do i.

Anonymous said...
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Shar said...

We need to start our supper swap! Start the planning over our coffee tomorrow morning? Love you xoxo

Fan said...

It's in the genes, Janelle, it's in the genes!

I can remember hearing mom throughout the years, always saying in the same tone of voice, "What am I going to make for supper?" Then I heard MYSELF saying it for many years when my children were young, (same tone of voice) and now it's your turn!

You're doing great, don't sweat the details too much.I love your creativity with meals, as with everything else you do in life.

Jeane` said...

No tips as I am the Chief Procrastinator. I even ordered a book with a 'plan' to make meals for a month in one fell swope.
Ah. Yea. Let me think about that (for 2 seconds after growing totally intimated and weary just leafing through the first two chapters).
And so..."breakfast for dinner" it is...again! ;)
Beautiful, colorful kitchen table~~

AmyK said...

When I'm nice and organized, I make a weekly menu before going grocery shopping.
1.Decide what to make,
2.Check my supplies in freezer, pantry and garden,
3.Make my grocery list based on what's missing and then make sure to get those items at the store.

It decreases any stress I have over cooking supper and makes me more organized when grocery shopping.

I like fresh seasonal produce and so I am always using the cookbook "simply in season." It's great for finding fun recipes that use up seasonal produce. Sometimes I just buy whatever produce is in season locally and then find recipes that use those items.

Smokers in the Valley said...

Thanks for the tips Janelle. I find that using beans and lentils or making vegetarian versions of chili, enchiladas, etc are good too! We like to eat pasture fed, organic beef but that can be expensive! Just keep doing your thing... your dinner table looks beautiful :)

TSM said...

This blog makes me want to eat.

Missy. said...

i chuckled when i read this post. i USED to be organized, when i had many less kids, and much more time. :)now...i do the same thing you do, and get frustrated at myself for doing it. :) cheers to you. love peeking at your blog. missy king.