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Friday, October 8, 2010

Some links to the past

Happy Friday Everyone~
we're in high gear getting ready for my brothers wedding tomorrow!

All 3 kids are in the wedding, (pray for us)!!

I'm guest posting over at Bryan Allain's blog...
it's the most unladylike subject possible:
You'll understand if you read it!

For any of Bryan's readers who have made their way over here,
I'll put up a few links to some older posts,
some "get to know ya" posts~~hope you enjoy!
Thanks for taking the time to visit!!

*Let's say you live in a cold, drafty farmhouse
and your mortgage and oil bill pretty much match, then here's how you might save some $$ with a wood stove.

*So, you're having a baby at home and the midwife doesn't make in time.
( husband catches baby)!

*A French Dinner party for my husband because I love him and would like to thank him for catching the aforementioned baby,
oh, and it was his birthday!

*The Story of how I married this Amish man of mine, (he was Amish until age 17).
I'm so glad I didn't judge an ex-Amish man by his cover, (i.e. silk shirt, tight jeans and white high tops)!

*A little tour of our vintage kitchen.

*Blogging 101~some blogging advice from Mr. Bryan Allain

*My thoughts and judgements about homeschooling. *

So there you have it, a few links to the past.....

“Live life so completely
that when death comes to you like a thief in the night,
there will be nothing left for him to steal.”
~unknown author~


Chad said...

Read your guest post over on Bryan's blog. Back atcha: "A Dad's Dangerous Doodies"

Lazy Silly Girl said...

Hi Lady of the house,

I like your blog. I read your post about poo and I can say, I'm with ya there sister. I put your link on my site. Love the Funky music.

Grace and Peace,


Alethea said...

I love, love, love your blog! Read your post on Bryan's. So glad I found you!