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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday Tea

Last year during one of our barn sales there came a nice man.
He kindly asked me if the beautiful armoire was for sale,
(which was holding some of the linens). I said it was not. He turned and looked out to a car parked across the street and smiled faintly, shaking his head no. It was then that I saw this beautiful woman and realized that she probably sat in there with baited breath waiting for her man to come back with a resounding yes.

I felt bad.

And Jake didn't want to move that beast back into the house.

So as he waited to cross the street, I yelled out, "wait, never mind, I'll sell it!"
And the deal was made.
A few days later on a lazy Sunday afternoon this nice man and Jake moved said beast into their darling little home just a few blocks from here.

Days and months went by and I kept thinking of this nice couple and the fact that they lived so closely and that we weren't friends. And then one fateful day there came a comment on my blog post. Actually, it's This one . You get to read our first little conversation! xoxo.

And then one day I drove by and saw her outside with her adorable dog, wearing the cutest green jacket I ever saw, (she was wearing the jacket, not the dog)! I pulled my car in. I was wearing my "cleaning clothes", fresh from cleaning a home, with my 3 tired kids in tow. And she welcomed us in. And my children knocked things down in her nice, beautiful home. And I breastfed my baby on her couch. And we talked. And I left.

And we became friends.
And God smiled.

And then this year I had a birthday tea for her along with our other dear neighbor friend Jess, (whom I ALSO met at one of our barn sales several years ago)!! I'm sorry, you're probably over it, but I think it's awesome to meet new people and to actually GROW INTO FRIENDS is one of my favorite things. I felt such a kindredness with Jess from our FIRST TIME MEETING and that continues to this day.
And so, part of the reason I posted this blog today is because my friends are sick, (or taking care of sick ones)! Michelle isn't feeling well. And Jess's daughter is really sick too. (And this song by Frank is dedicated to you Michelle in honor of your recent escapade to the beauty which Jess & I were asked to be guests, but then Jess got a dog and I had to dress 3 kids for my brothers wedding....and our $$ was all gone)!!

So, dear friends, I hope remembering this day together and our friendship and the way we met will bring a smile to your face tonight!

xoxo from down the road.
OH, and here is Michelle's blog which you will enjoy because she is HILARIOUS and HAS A WAY WITH WORDS and she has WONDERFUL PICTURES because she's A PHOTOGRAPHER and is amazing at what she does!!

"I like her because
she smiles at me
and means it."


Michelle said...

I LOVE you dear friend :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just feel like we are kindred spirits from different worlds! If we don't get to meet in this lifetime, I look forward to meeting you in the future. I love you blog!

Peter and Kim said...

Ah! Thanks for sharing this. I read your blog sometimes---found it through Jeane's and I wondered how you seem to know all the same people I do (from different parts of my life), but yet I don't know you!
Michelle is wonderful, as you are well-aware! :)