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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dancing in the rainbows

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 I love so much about this picture. You can almost feel their joy and delight coming right through the computer screen. We have a blingy chandelier over our kitchen table and with the new patio door that Jake just installed, we have lots more sunlight in the kitchen. One night during dinner Tyler said, "Mom, there's rainbows in here!"  And that's when we noticed the prisms all around us.

It was beautiful.

I pushed the chandelier so it swung gently and suddenly we had our own disco ball of sorts!  The children danced around to their own song of life. It was a moment in time. 
A stop. 
A notice.
A memory. 
There was such an abundance of innocence in the unexpected visitation.

I like that Jake's lunchbox and water jug are in the picture too,
safely home once more.  Each night I breathe a sigh of relief when I hear his truck pull in.....sometimes just for the mere fact of being resuced from the day, but more often then not, it's just the knowledge that he's safe and sound.  If I let myself, I could worry about his safety and what I would do if he were no more.  There's no life in that, (literally) so I try not to linger there. 

It's the little things that make LIFE lovely or hell on earth, (think opposite of what is listed below). 
The things that can quickly seem "normal" or "deserved" or "our right" that REQUIRE OUR ATTENTION MOST:

*food on our table.
*health in our children.
*breath in our lungs.
*husbands that come home.
*clean water to drink.
*homes to live in.

The rest is just extra,
the unexpected rainbows in our life.
I have this quote written quite largely on our bathroom wall, right in front of the toilet in bright red letters so you HAVE to see it several times a day! 

"Remember this,
very little is needed
to make a happy life."

~Marcus Aurelius~


Jeane` said...

I absolutely LOVE that picture. It says so much, but the words added to it's image were perfect and true. "The rest is just extra"...

consume me... said...

I love the picture, too..and it reminds me of this:
A good summer read for you!
Enjoy the little things with your kids this summer...before long you are coordinating schedules and planning for togetherness!

Fan said...

Having lost our friend and business associate Jim Tritch this week to a massive heart attack--he was only 57---I can AMEN the part about the gift of a husband coming home safely each day. It reminds me of the story I read a long time ago in Reader's Digest about an elderly woman who would uncomplainingly clean her dirty floors each night after her husband returned from his job at the coal mines. When asked how she can continue to be so gracious about such an annoying daily occurrence, she simply replied, "Those dirty floors mean that he came home today."

Love the dancing in the rainbows!