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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little bit about YOU!

Hi Friends.  We're roasting like a bunch of marshmallows over an open flame! It's barely Summertime here in Pennsylvania and the AC's are already out. SO GRATEFUL for air conditioning.  So many people around the world just live in this kind of heat with no relief! 

So, now that Spring has come and gone,
(HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?) I thought it would be neat to go back and look at your favorite blog post that you wrote this Spring.

If you're a blogger, leave a comment with a link to your favorite blog post that you wrote in March, April, or May. (If you're not a blogger, leave a comment to your favorite post that was at someone else's blog during the Spring.)

Looking forward to seeing your favorites!

"A perfect summer day is when
the sun is shining,
the breeze is blowing,
the birds are singing,
and the lawn mower is broken."
James Dent~


Anonymous said...

i know it probably isn't real special to most, but being apart of clark & sheldon's triathlon was a REAL HIGHLIGHT of my spring! i didn't write anything profound or deeply meaningful, but being apart of such an achievement in Clark's life and seeing the JOY he felt in completing what he set out to do was really meaningful to me and deeply spiritual and moving.

it wasn't long ago, so it's probably fresh on your mind as well!
happy spring....or shall i say, SUMMER!

Stephanie said...

What a FUN idea!! I guess my favorite post, as they have been to few and far between this spring, was about our first camping trip:

I am really looking forward to getting out in the great state of MN just as soon as I get over being laid up!! Oh!! And getting back to baking on a more regular schedule too :)

Shawn Smucker said...

My most popular blog post from May was "How I Know My World Will End on May 21st."

Kae Jo said...

written after finishing my first year of college. :)

Anna said...

I haven't been blogging lately, but adoption is very close to my heart and I dream of adopting someday soon. This is one of my fav, adoption blogs. This women is *amazing*, but very real.

Lindsay said...

This is from January. I know it's not spring, it was actually summer for me all the way in Tanzania, Africa. But it's my favorite from the past few months.. helps me remember. Goodness, this season of my life has been FULL.

Krista K. said...

One of my favorite blogs is at @ where Marissa decided to challange herself to revamp old clothes into new every day for a year. She has since completed her year and now works her magic on clothing items people send her.
One of these days or years, I'm whipping out the sewing machine my Grandma gave me and using it to start revamping random things or creating new ones from scratch.

Michelle said...

Let's see ... my favorite post of the spring was the moment I fell in love with the most amazing pair of shoes. Ever. And couldn't take them home with me. It twas a sad, sad day.

Sarah said...

Loved your post on marriage -- with the wonderful quote on marriage by Stormie Omartian.0..used to live in Lancaster PA when I worked at Sight & Sound, but now am married and live in Dallas, TX. You are an incredible blogger! (Love your music tastes too :)
Another current favorite blog of mine is by the author Ann Voskamp (She wrote the AMAZING book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are)...the blog is I think if you don't know it, you will love it! Blessings to you!