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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello out there...

Luke likes watching the cars and trucks go by and more importantly banging on the door!! He's been so much fun lately, his personality is really coming out. He's much less social then Tyler was, a bit more wary of people. He has a quiet strength and prefers being alone, (although that's not much of an option these days). My Mom thinks he will be a deep thinker,
very sensitive and loyal. I would agree.
Take note to our giant wreath! I asked Jake to hang it outside, (meaning the front of the barn) and he put it here instead. It was so funny I just laughed outloud when I saw it hanging there!!! I haven't taken it down yet because it looks really cool at night!!


Anonymous said...

that's so funny. i noticed your wreath on the front door and thought that it was a rather large wreath for a front door, but also though at night (with the twinkly lights) it looked charming. go jake, what a decorator!

also, how grown up is luke getting. wow! big man!

Jeane` Miller said...

The wreath-it's so subtle. It is completely something Curt would do!!! :)
Luke is so dear. The personality you described sounds very similar to my second born as well. It is probably, in part, a survival mechanism in living with a more 'dominant' older sibling.
I had written something a while back about getting together tomorrow...I forgot to follow up, so if it's too late notice now, we'll just have to pin down the elusive get-together and soon!

Shrish said...

Precious Lil' Lukey-Luke... Aunt Shrish loves him!