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Friday, January 4, 2008

Our cozy Christmas

Here are some pictures and memories from our cozy Christmas. We had Jake's family here to our home for Christmas dinner and a time of relaxing together. I found some lovely plates at Goodwill a few weeks ago, a whole set of silver/white china. The table looked so sparkly with these new plates, red roses and lots of flickering candles. This picture of the whole family is a little dark, but it's just for Jake's brother Sam & his wife Cheryl: WE MISSED YOU!!!!!!
Grammie spent the night and the next morning this is where we found Tyler, all snuggled under the down comforter on the couch. Apparently he had come down around 5 a.m. and laid beside Grammie. How precious! He LOVES his Grammie and she LOVES him.
Here is the Christmas program at church, Tyler and his two buddies stomped their feet & danced around the whole time!! I just sat there in the second row trying to look as normal as possible and refraining from a loud whisper, "Tyler, sit down!!"

Christmas morning with our two precious boys in matching fleece pj's! I LOVE THESE GUYS!
Daddy, Tyler & Luke playing with all the new tools they got for Christmas. Daddy was having just as much fun as the boys.
Jake gave me this beautiful willow tree angel called, "quietly: quietly encircled with love." I don't know about the quietly part, but I can assure you that I am indeed encircled with love!! It is especially meaningful because these little boys look to be the exact ages of Tyler and Luke this Christmas.
I feel so loved with my two boys and my man. I am thankful. I want to be a blessing within my four walls. Who you are at home is the real you. That's sobering at times.

"What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family." ~Mother Theresa


jena said...

The real me has been sooooo ugly lately......
what a great post!

Anonymous said...

No place I'd rather be... home, sweet home!!We only get one shot at this. Let's give it our best.I love you, "Shrish"

Anonymous said...

we are so blessed, aren't we. what a wonderful christmas, looks like you savored every moment.