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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I have the best

FRIENDS!!!! Earlier this week my dear friend Adrienne brought these beautiful tulips to me! She has been my "forever friend." We met one fateful day in 4th grade when we had to share a desk that was connected. We both loved headbands that matched our shirts and talking about the never-ending love affair between me and Anthony Freed!! Well, it's more likely that I talked and she listened! Thank you Adrienne for your thoughtfulness toward me! And then this afternoon I came home from the grocery store to this charming basket hanging on my door. A pale of homemade, (warmed by the sunshine) bran muffins from my sweet friend Jeane. I must say they are quite delicious, I will take more time in enjoying the second one. I ate the first one in such a rush because I was ravishingly hungry! A special Thank you to you Jeane, for taking the time to stop by my corner of the world. "We should not let grass grow on the path of friendship."
~Marie Therese Rodet Geoffrin


Jeane` Miller said...

I only wish I could have delivered a hug along with it! :) Leave it to us two sanguines to completely botch up a simple get together!!! :) Next Monday or Tuesday are great!
By the way...your home looked so inviting, I almost helped myself in! (I had no children. They were with their grandma!). And I loved that you and your friend shared a common love of coordinating headbands...At least it wasn't banana clips!
Much love,

sharon said...

Janelle, the only thing I can say is "we often treat people the way they treat us"! I can just imagine you doing these exact types of things for your friends - so that's what you get. Well done you!

I'm enjoying the winter sun these days too.