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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

walking in a winter wonderland

A few weekends ago we packed up the kiddos on a chilly winter's eve and headed to Dutch Winter Wonderland. A local amusement part turned wonderland during the Christmas season.As no surprise to us, the rides were the favorite attraction for the evening. Here's the funniest one in my mind. We thought it would be a simple little car that would take Tyler around in circle at a slow pace so as to wave to Daddy and Mommy. It all started out innocently enough until he reached the end of the oval at which time he was WHIPPED around to continue to the next turn! It totally took us off guard and we thought surely he would start to cry, but instead...
he laughs!! Out loud! The whole anticipation of the next turn and then his breath would be taken away again! It was a riot to watch!!
Here we are in front of a little gingerbread house, I remember this house from when I was a little girl!!! I would sit and watch the little robotic people make gingerbread, fudge and cookies.
Don't you just love this?? I want to be right there in that little kitchen with this precious old lady.
Riding the cow!!
Tyler and Luke with their awesome, (and I might add handsome) Daddy!

Our little loves!!!

Everyone is ready to head home after a fun night!!

"Oh, heart, let's never grow too old to smile anew, when Christmas comes." ~Nancy Byrd Turner


Anonymous said...

winter wonderland! oh so fun!

Jeane` Miller said...

I wish we could have been in those memories with you! (Although I'm sure you had more than sufficient fun on your own!)

Shrish said...

I am laughing out loud!!! I can just see his head whipping around.... Love you