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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

24 weeks of baby in me

she, (we don't know what we're having, but I keep saying "she"....sorry son if indeed you are a son!!) has hair and you could recognize it's color and texture at this time. She also has taste buds, can you believe it? Taste buds! How amazing and beautiful and full of detail their little bodies are! I just read the other day that loud noises a baby hears inside the womb, probably won't bother them much after they are born....that's a good thing around here with all the screaming and squealing and banging the boys do all day! Never a dull moment for sure! A few weeks ago Tyler found my bra in the bathroom, held it up and said, "Mom, this is for those things!" Yes, my "things", thank you very much!!!

In the next few weeks our baby will begin to sleep and wake at regular intervals. She may also suck her fingers and develop hiccups. I remember them well with Tyler! We use to lie in bed at night and just watch my belly bounce up and down every few seconds until they went away....and to this day, he still gets hiccups SO easily!
(5 months pregnant)
I'm feeling very good and am soooo grateful for that. I don't have the energy I'm use to having, but I'll do just fine with what I have. We moved Luke into his toddler bed last week and he just LOVES it, he thinks he's the coolest cat in town and thinks he's such hot stuff, (which he is), sleeping in the same room as his big brother. And I don't have to worry about him getting out of bed because we have a built in security system called "Tyler alert" so if he's doing nary a thing wrong, we are sure to hear about it via the monitor! "Mama, Luke's getting out of bed!" or "Mama, Lukie is sitting up." They both look so darn cute in their little beds. Eventually we will get them a double bed, but for now a twin bed and a toddler bed work just fine. The boys get excited when they see the crib and the baby stuff coming out. "Mama's baby is going to come out of her belly and sleep in that crib" says Tyler.
Well, it's past midnight and I just posted twice in ONE day, plus a myriad of other things got accomplished on this Monday so I'm a tired gal! Tomorrow we'll stay in for most of the day because it's suppose to be bitterly cold and windy. I will have to invent some form of energy releasing technique for the boys though, they almost exploded today!! Tomorrow night is our monthly book club meeting, we'll be discussing our most recent read, "The Secret Life of Bees", a great book in my opinion.
Good night friends.
"Before you were born I carried you under my heart.
From the moment you arrived in this world
until the moment I leave it,
I will always carry you in my heart."

~ Mandy Harrison~


Jeane` said...

You look lovely Janelle!!! Just a round little belly...nothing else swollen or saggy (except maybe "those things" :) HA!

I find that Benedryl works swimmingly on such 'stay inside all day' days. Especially timed about 30 minutes before naptime. :)

You might want to check out my mom's blog...she's giving out her creations to 3 lucky bloggers...:)

Love you!

Jeane` said...

PS...Did your email address change??I tried several times to send you an email the other day and each time it came back as "failure to send"///

Bess said...

You look wonderful for 5 months! (Oh, and I think it's a girl...just a feeling.)

The "those things" line cracks me up. Danae frequently makes comments about them to me. Out of the mouths of babes... :o)