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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Eve Delights

Our attempt at a family Christmas Eve picture!
More futile attempts, but cute ones nonetheless.
I don't even say "smile" anymore, because this is what I get.....
What a wonderful Christmas Eve we had together, (although the candlelight service didn't work too well with the boys and their continuous blowing out of our candles)! Our church had a service that was filled with creativity, beauty and deep meaning. This is a painting that was done during the service by one of our friends, Priscilla Williams. It was so awe-inspring watching it come to life, from a blank canvas to a masterpiece! It reminded me of my life, starting out blank and allowing God to bring His brush strokes, often not understanding them individually, but standing back, seeing the meaning in each thoughtful move. My favorite earthly gift ever.....the gift that keeps on giving!
Lukie in Daddy's shoes after getting home from church. Our tradition is to open our Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve and save our "big" gifts for Christmas morning. What fun watching the boys open their stockings, filled to the brim with Thomas and his friends all wrapped individually.
Tyler rejoicing over their new friends!

My "big" gift coming instead on Christmas Eve, which was appropriate....a memory foam pillow that I have since come to wonder how I ever lived without! Great neck support!!

Mommy and one tired little boy.I have to end with this funny quote I happened upon:

"Three wise women would have...asked directions, arrived on time,
helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, made a casserole, brought practical gifts,
and there would be peace on Earth."


#1 babysitter said...

Awww, such cute pics! I love the one where Tyler is all excited about the trains and the one of Lukey in Jake's shoes! The Candlelight Service is probably one of my favorite Christmas traditions and it is in my top 10 favorite days of the year. It also helps that I did have my darling little sweetie pie cousin on my lap, not to mention one of the cutest hats to ever exist AND have a picture taken with one of the sweetest, most loving, energetic, caring boys I've ever come to know, he must get it from his mother! And it turned out SOOOO AMAZING!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! It's my Facebook profile pic, desktop backround, and it's on my iPod. Tyler got so excited when I showed it to him! LOVEEE you lots!
~Kaelin :)

tines said...

love the pics! how fun is Christmas?! hey, we'd love to come over (it's been tooooo long), but Owen's sick:( & i don't want to pass it let's be in touch. hopefully soon! xo

Jeane` said...

That is a SUPER quote!!!! :)
By the way, you are NOT looking pregnant ANYWHERE except your belly! Isn't it nice to be you??? :)

PS. That Kirkwood comment cracked me up. You know how to pin 'em! (And it made me think that I MUST get Christopher to the Barber's this week!!)

Jess said...

I'm so passing that quote along! It's too good!