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Friday, January 16, 2009

i will endure the cold if there is snow

okay, enough of this 2* stuff and NO snow! I can endure the cold if there is snow to enjoy! this morning i woke up, (after being sick all night, the yucky kind that is accompanied by throwing up everything imaginable) and gave the boys a LONG, HOT deep bath to warm them up. Old farmhouses are COLD when it's cold outside, especially ones that have the old windows such as ours! So, while the boys were having a blast in the tub, I put their clothing in the dryer to warm them. My Mom use to do that for me and I can still remember the delicious, engulfing warmth that came from my toasty clothing.

my dear Mom came over this morning to keep the boys so I could rest and rest I did! It was a recovery day of sorts and for those I am so grateful! I was sitting on the couch today with a blanket thrown over my shoulders like a prayer shawl. I had a flashback to when I use to see my Mom do that and think she looked so ridiculous. NOW I understand that she too lived in an old farmhouse with windows that allowed a pleasant year-round breeze! Despite our breezy home, I am so grateful for the heat we have, warm clothing to wear, the milk we have in the fridge, (which was heated up last night with a teaspoon of honey) the best sleep inducer for me....again something that was given to me growing up. Tonight at dinner Jake said "we are so blessed!" and I couldn't agree more. We have all we need and then some!
I spent some time perusing gardening magazines today, warming my insides and preparing for the sun on my face and the smell of freshly mowed grass! I'll have another little baby this Spring, such a sweet time of new beginnings! I'm imagining walks to the ice cream shop with dear friends. Speaking of, I think I'll have to invest in a cute little sling for the baby. I'm thinking I will need both my hands to tend to my other "plants" so if I can just strap one on me, that would make it a bit easier! I'd like to plant some potatoes and tomatoes this year, nothing fancy or high maintenance, just something that can be quickly grabbed for a little meal, (any advice would be greatly appreciated).
Well, my day is done and I'm looking forward to snuggling with my hubby and watching a movie.

Stay warm friends,
here's a quote to end your day,
"Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble."
~Benjamin Franklin~


Jeane` said...

Those pictures transported me on a mini-vacation on this frigid morning!!! THANK YOU!!! (and loved that one with Tyler and Topher! :)

This coming week is quite full, but maybe next week we could get together??

Jena said...

I just read your blog, I am so sorry that you were sick, I had that last week and it really wiped me out....

I just thought that perhaps you should be aware that YOU SHOULD IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE buy yourself a sling....
there may be interested parties desiring to get a gift for you just because they love you who were trying to keep it a secret, but then the giftee had to announce it on her blog.
love you girl.

Judy said...

I must admit, those two little guys in the bright red wagon are THE CUTIEST little guys in the world!!!

Judy said...

You have just been tagged by me! If you visit my blog you will get the details. Have fun!!

AmyK said...

kale is a great garden addition! and basil for making pesto. green and red peppers too. :) Hi, Janelle! I've had fun reading your blog. I found it through Kristen Buckwalter's blog. Congratulations on expecting your third child - that is so exciting!

My husband Dan and I are going on a two month trip to Southern Africa. If you need more computer time to distract you, you can check out our blog.

Take care,

Ang Stoltzfus said...

your post did the trick! we got snow!!!!!!!! have fun in it. =)