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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Warmth

On Christmas morning the boys woke up to this little present waiting for them downstairs. Jake and I had so much fun on Christmas Eve, after the boys were asleep, putting it all together!
It's so fun to give gifts! The unveiling....
I just love this picture! Their squinty eyes still waking up, and the true joy on their faces,
the gentle hug that Tyler is giving to Luke and the Christmas warmth surrounding them.
This was their stance for most of the day!
The "favorite" gift of the day was, of course, the .99 bag of "snow" I got for Tyler!
A calender for Daddy from his sons.
"Bob the builder" for Luke! He talks!
This picture was taken the night before at our church Christmas Eve service. This is Kaelin, one of our Pastors daughters, she and her sister Paige are our, (and the boys) favorite babysitters! Tyler looks so grown up!
Luke was absolutely delighted with his special gift from his Daddy; his first guitar, all his own!
He just smiled and smiled and walked around with that thing all day long, (still is walking around with it even today).
Daddy tuning Luke's guitar!
After enjoying some home made waffles and fruit together, we lounged around and enjoyed
the company of the ones we love most.
In the afternoon we went to my Dad and Mom's house for Christmas lunch. It wasn't the "real" Christmas lunch, just for those that were able to make it on Christmas day. Our "real" Christmas is taking place this weekend at the cabin, (and they're calling for lots of snow)! We had a delicious meal together and sat around talking and laughing.
"Love came down at Christmas;
Love all lovely, love divine ;
Love was born at Christmas,
Stars and angels gave the sign."
~Christina Rossetti~

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