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Thursday, January 22, 2009

No way!!!

So just today as I was cleaning I was praying for some creative downloading of Valentine's Day ideas! Jake and I take turns being "in charge" of Valentine's Day and this year it's my turn. I wanted to do something unique, unexpected and inexpensive, not to mention creative. So I'm driving down the road chilling out to WITF, (our local classical music and NPR station) and I hear there's a giveaway for ....., well, I missed what it was for, just heard the phone number, grabbed the phone and dialed. One ring, "thank you for calling, you're caller #1, try again", click. Oh, so close! Well, he did say try again, so that I did. I called and called, all the while getting a busy signal. "Okay, one more time, then I'm done" I thought.

It's ringing this time, "congratulations, you're called number 4!" NO WAY!!!!! I couldn't believe it, I just smiled and thanked him, gave him my information, (all the while wondering what the heck I just won)! So, the guy tells me it will be this Sunday, the 25th at the Harrisburg Hilton, be there at 5. Okay, thank you! I get home and google, "January 25 Harrisburg Hilton" and this is what comes, I'm assuming this is what I won: Piano Sensation Gerald Clayton at the Hilton Harrisburg & Towers on January 25th

2 tickets to see Gerald Clayton in concert. From what I've read he's a 24 year old jazz piano prodigy who has performed and recorded with such artists as Diana Krall, (one of my FAV jazz singers introduced to me by my most classy friend Jeane, by the way Jeane, she's releasing a new album March 31st)!!!!! One review about Gerald says this: "Sensation" is an easy word to toss around in the entertainment industry. In the case of Gerald Clayton, there is substantial evidence to back up that description. At the tender age of 24, he has already performed all over the world, receiving numerous honors and rave reviews. He was born in the Netherlands, but by the age of six, he was studying classical piano in Southern California.

SO, fun times lie ahead and Valentine's Day comes early this year Baby, (if you're reading this honey of mine, SURPRISE)!

I'll plan a few other fun things and off we'll go to downtown Harrisburg thanks to WITF and caller #4....well, let's make that caller #1 AND caller #4!

"There may be trouble ahead
But while there's moonlight and music
And love and romance
Let's face the music and dance."

~Diana Krall~


Vickie said...

Get Out! That is so amazing. God is so awesome, cool and full of surprises! Happy Valentine's Day! Love it!!!

Jena said...

How very fun!

LaWonna said...

Wow!! I am sitting on my couch with my mouth hanging open and my nose scrunched wondering how on earth you manage to maintain your husband, kids, home and all that AND keep a blog up to date and looking oh so cute!!??!!


Jeane` said...

I'm soooo glad you told me, Janelle! I have an ITUNES card waiting to be redeemed...but it shall have to wait until March 31st!!!!
CONGRATS on be the recipient of FREE SOPHISTICATION!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, a free penis, oops ummm, I mean pianist concert!!! =)
I KNOW you'll enjoy! From "the only one other than you that would write something like this! lol =)