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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bowling with Grandpa

Several weeks ago my sister and I decided to join my Dad at his weekly bowling practice. He's been on a bowling league for 20 + years and I can see why he doesn't get tired of it! Here's a post about the day I went to see him play and the characters he competes against....a hilarious day!!! We had so much fun. The place where he practices each Monday is right here in town, just down the road, so it's nice to know he's so close each Monday. He's very predictable with his routine, he does the same thing each week and finds comfort and security in that I am sure. Sounds like someone else I know named Luke! He was so cute watching the ball go down the lane....GO CHASE!!
I love this picture! They look so pleased with their abilities!!!
The boys figuring out their game....
The boys had a blast running all over the place, there's an arcade room just off the lanes and there wasn't another person in the entire place! They played games while we watched him practice and then Dad took on his daughters for a game! We lost pathetically, but it was still fun! Tyler informs me, very regularly, that he wants to go back and play some more. I think I'll take him up on that before my belly resembles the very bowling ball I hold....oh wait, it already does!! And by the way, my bowling ball was hot pink....loves it!!

Thanks for the great day Grandpa, we'll be back soon!!

"Grandfathers are just antique little boys."
~Author Unknown~

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Anonymous said...

A fun morning, indeed!!
Love you, Shrish